IntellectualGems – Bourget Law’s Trademark Brand

July 31, 2011

Our trademark brand, IntellectualGems®, embodies what we do for our clients and represents the services provided by our attorneys and staff and reflects the myriad of business and legal strategies developed to help protect our clients’ intellectual property — their IntellectualGems.®

Our IntellectualGems® trademark brand is subject to two federal registrations: 

  1. The word mark:  “IntellectualGems” and
  2. The logo:

Gems are generally assessed based upon three factors:  color, cut, and clarity.  We apply a similar analysis to our gem.  


Color:   The center “gold” gem represents your intellectual property.  Until now there has never been such a thing as a gold gem.  It is a unique creation or innovation – just like your ideas and inventions.  The shading of color within the center signals the flavor and variety of your ideas.  The internal flair of innovation moves in a streak of confidence and success.  A twinkle of white light emerging from the upper left corner demonstrates the ability to shine, sufficient to attract the attention of those not readily appreciating the value. 

The color of the perimeter tiles is secondary to the center gold.  The perimeter tiles are cool and calm — the white of protectors. 

The overall colors of the logo are an expression of your ideas and are a reflection of ours. 


Cut:  The cut (or positioning and spacing) of the flanking tiles signifies the protectors of your intellectual property.  These “protector tiles” have sharp, clean beveled edges, cut with discipline.  Surrounding the valuable center tile which represents your innovations, these protector tiles work together as a unit.  Each individual protector has a role to play.  One tile represents a patent or family of patents to protect the innovations of the center gem.   Perhaps your needs are for trademark protection, where the tile of registration is key.  Other tiles have names such as trade secret policy, trade dress development, or copyright registration.  Some flanking tiles are contracts, license agreements, or structured royalties.  Others are non-disclosure agreements, independent contractor agreements, or employment provisions.  A flanking tile may also be an engineer called upon for technical support.  Another tile represents the analysis and opinion needed for undertaking action or charting a new opportunity.  Others represent patent or trademark searches or monitoring.  Together, the individually cut protectors secure your intellectual property — your IntellectualGems®.


Clarity:  The protecting tiles direct attention to the center, clarifying that the focus is on protecting YOUR intellectual properties.  The uniform separation between tiles, with their clipped corners, allow for the center to move, breathe and expand – a clear signal that the protecting tiles do not inhibit growth of your innovations and valuable assets.  The protectors are able to adjust to and accommodate change. 

Overall, our logo conveys a clear message to our friends and clients of what we do – provide business and legal strategies for patent, trademark & copyright.  The logo also manifests our understanding of the power of a distinctive mark and the need to protect valuable intellectual property.  We apply this understanding to securing your intellectual property.

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