Edison Nation Launches Phase 2 of $25 Million Innovation Fund

July 21, 2011

The Edison Nation Innovation Fund was created by Louis Foreman, producer of the television show Everyday Edisons and publisher of Inventors Digest, in April 2011 to search for, invest in, and bring to market ideas that break the mold.  Phase 2 of Edison Nation’s $25 million Innovation Fund has just begun, and Edison Nation is accepting […]

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Proper Use of Trademark Symbols – Which Symbol Should I Use to Designate My Trademark?

June 28, 2011

Two symbols are commonly used to designate trademarks:  ® and ™.  The ® symbol may be used only after a federal trademark registration has been obtained; it may not be used while a trademark application is pending.  In addition, the ® symbol may only be used in connection with the goods/services listed on the registration […]

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Wacky Water Pipe Inventions

June 18, 2011

Can you identify the invention in this photo? Hint #1: Yes, that’s the logo for the San Francisco Giants (Major League Baseball). Hint #2: Yes, that’s a water pipe. Hint #3:  Why is the water-pipe crooked?  It seems to serve no purpose to have an otherwise straight pipe make such a twist. Hint #4: San […]

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Tattoos, Mike Tyson, and Copyrights

June 13, 2011

Warner Brothers was recently sued by a tattoo artist who claims he owns the copyright on the tattoo worn by former boxer Mike Tyson and Ed Helms in Hangover II.  The tattoo artist, S. Victor Whitmill, claims that Warner Brothers infringed his copyright by copying the tattoo and placing it on the face of actor Ed Helms in Hangover II.  […]

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Bourget Meets With INTA President

June 10, 2011

Tony Bourget met with INTA President, Gerhard Bauer, May 15, the opening day of the INTA Conference in San Francisco.  Mr. Bauer heads a team of 13 people (12 in Germany and 1 in China) at Daimler AG and Rolls-Royce Group who manage a portfolio of approximately 36,000 trademarks worldwide.  In addition to talking about […]

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U.S. Trademark Study Recommends Expanded Education For Small Businesses

June 7, 2011

In response to legislation enacted in 2010, the Department of Commerce (DOC) undertook a study to determine the extent to which small businesses may be harmed by abusive trademark enforcement tactics.  The DOC reported in its April 2011 report that it was unable to determine whether small businesses are disproportionately harmed by abusive enforcement tactics.  Because trademark enforcement is […]

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.CO Domain Names Available For Registration

May 11, 2011

Recently, domain names featuring the country code top-level domain assigned to Colombia, .CO, have become available for registration by individuals and businesses around the world. The .CO extension offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to register highly recognizable domain names.  Feel free to contact one of our attorneys if you or your company have an interest […]

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Bourget to Attend INTA Annual Meeting

May 10, 2011

The International Trademark Association (INTA) will hold its 133rd Annual Meeting May 14 through May 18 in San Francisco.  INTA is a worldwide association of member companies and firms that support and advance trademarks and intellectual property as elements of fair and effective global commerce. The Annual Meeting is the trademark community’s premier global event […]

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Updated Website

March 20, 2011

Welcome to our updated website.

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